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Historic Route 66 on the way up to Oatman, Arizona. Thousands of international and domestic tourists flock from all four corners of the earth in search of a "Real American" experience by driving Route 66. Sadly, they cannot even find it on their road atlas and signage in some areas is poor or non-existent. That's because the U.S. Highway Route Number 66 designation was decommissioned in 1985. That's right, decommissioned! As far as the Nation's state highway departments are concerned, the Route no longer even exists! How in the world could they have done something like that? Isn't that a little bit like "decommissioning" Plymouth Rock, the Redwoods or Mount Rushmore?

As an important part of our unique American heritage and culture, U. S. Highway 66 deserves to be put back on the Nation's road atlases. Impossible? On the contrary, it's a lot simpler than what initially meets the eye. U.S. Highways and to a large extent even our Interstate Highways, are managed at the state level rather than the federal level. State highway departments report to their state capitals, which in return report to their voters. If the state legislatures in the 8 states once served by Route 66 begin hearing from their constituents that they would like to see U.S. 66 re-commissioned, then it can and will happen.

To find interested and concerned parties and help put them in touch with their legislatures and/or State DOT to effect change for the betterment of Route 66 is what this site is about.

For more detailed information on how U.S. Highway 66 might be re-commissioned, go to The Plan. If you live in a state that was once served by U.S. 66, click on the Route 66 icon with your state name on top to learn about the options for your state.

New! - Web page devoted entirely to signs! Read more about the kind of route signs that Route 66 needs and how to get them by visiting More Signs Needed.

Discussion Group

If you would like to discuss plans to reinstate Route 66 as an official U.S. designated route and exchange ideas as to how best bring such plans to fruition, please visit the Bring Back U.S. Route 66 E-Group. Other subjects pertaining to Route 66 are welcome. Plans and ideas on how to bring back other "lost" U.S. Route designations such as U.S. 99 or the western ends of U.S. 40 and U.S. 80 are also welcome.

Route 66
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