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New! - If you would like to discuss plans to reinstate Route 66 as an official U.S. designated route and exchange ideas as to how best bring such plans to fruition, please visit the Bring Back U.S. Route 66 E-Group. Other subjects pertaining to Route 66 are welcome. We will also discuss plans and share ideas on how to best reinstate other "lost" U.S. Route designations such as U.S. 99, the western ends of U.S. 40 and U.S. 80, the old San Diego southern end of U.S. 101 and even "Historic" U.S. 111.

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The Demise of U.S. 66 and the Myth of Better Roads

Millions of Americans are under the impression that U.S. 66 was decommissioned because newer, better and safer roads were built. This is a misconception and not the complete truth. Other than inadequate planning or lack of foresight, there was no logical reason as to why we couldn't have gotten better roads and yet still found a way to keep the Route 66 U.S. Highway designation. When the Interstate Highways were in the planning stages in the mid 1950's, little or no thought was given to our most famous highway. Clearly a way could have been found to make an exception or special provision for this great and wonderful part of America.

What transpired, inadvertent though it might have been, amounts to nothing short of an injustice and an affront on our heritage and culture that we really need to set right again. There can be no real fix other than the full-fledged reinstatement of the Route 66 U.S. Highway designation.

* Anyone who has either a serious interest in re-establishing Route 66 as a U.S. Highway or questions that went unanswered on these pages, please feel free to contact me -

Route 66
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